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MEET THE                  OWNER

Nekia "Keia" Rosado is Founder and CEO of Earth Kandy Nail Polish. Keia was born August 21st, 1988 (proud Leo) and is "West Philadelphia born and raised" (corny I know lol). Looking back at her 33 years of life Keia can honestly say that Earth Kandy has ALWAYS been a part of her. At the tender age of 10 Keia decided to change her eating regimen to a more healthy and not so common diet for a kid growing up in the 90's. Keia earned her Master of Public Health Degree in 2012 and fast forward to 2018 Keia began Earth Kandy, a health conscious nail polish line that does not contain 10 of the most dangerous chemical commonly found in nail polish. Keia's highest title is being a #boymom to the loves of her life King and Enzo. Keia is also a free spirit, thrifter, music junky and candle lover. Keia is big on "Following your heart" and encourages everyone to...


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