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Fruit are naturally occurring sweet products derived straight from the soil, in other words Earth Kandy. Earth Kandy launched on March 20, 2018 by Nekia "Keia" Rosado, MPH. As a child Keia shared a love for nail polish with her grandmother Geneva "Mom" Cooley, which followed her into adulthood. In addition, Keia found her love for nutrition and graduated with a Master of Public Health degree in 2012. With her background in public health Keia became very concerned about the chemicals in her nail polishes. In addition, she became aware of the abuse to animals at a cause to test cosmetics. Through this Earth Kandy was born. Keia uses nail polish as a form of self expressions. The polishes are used for awareness causes, represent life lessons, are thank yous to the people that she has encountered in life and so much more. Keia was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and is the #boymom to King and Enzo.

#BLM #teamleo

                                                In Loving Memory


Dad                              Bee                           "Mom"

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